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Make Internet More

MiOTATM Browser think so; that’s why we are spearheading a campaign, to ensure that everyone can use the Internet in right way, the energy to power up your knowledge, the freedom to learn and connect

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This is no small task. It’s not just about having a smartphone and some mobile coverage. It’s about having the education to be able to use the internet, the energy to power up your knowledge, the freedom to learn and connect with people and businesses from all over the world.

For many of us, the internet is something that's taken for granted. Yet for millions of people, an internet connection goes beyond organising their lives, it can provide life saving and making information.

The internet is now all but essential to economic mobility in a digital world.

Meet your new data driven browser

‘MiOTA is an lightweight Android browser which makes your browsing experience faster, reliable and more powerful with it's personalized and prioritize recommendations, giving instant access to more than 1000 sites and apps with its WAP Store.

First pure cross-domain recommendation engine truly focused on the user.

Aims to Improve Users Browsing Experiences

  • Meaningful browsing Reduce mindless browsing and increasing meaningful interactions with relevant articles recommendations
  • Best User Experience Improving browsing experience with many features like Swipe & closing or opening new tabs, bookmarks, share etc.
  • Read or View It Later If you find something you want to read or view later, then add it in ‘My Feeds’. It’ll sync across computer, mobile and tablets
  • Ad Block for annoying ads Ad block will block unnecessary ads which make page load faster
  • Insta-App over Apps Insta-Apps gives you the speed of a light web page with Look and maximum benefits of a native app
  • Connect and Grow Create, engage and expand your professional network with Bracket

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